Jolly jaunt in the countryside

Bank Holiday weekends… is there anything finer? Well add good company, good weather and a spontaneous trip and you’ve got a pretty good combo. This blog post is another of my personal photo adventures…

So we grabbed our bags, me with a bag plus two camera bags. I’d planned to take a variety of photos on this trip and try to break out of my comfort zone. My camera kit consisted of: Nikon D700, 50mm lens, Mamiya 645, rolls of Kodak Porta 160, my trusty Fuji Instax and of course…my iphone.

Scarborough was clearly the place to be on Sunday with such fabulous weather we walked all the way round the coastline, taking in the crab nets, cold waves, donkeys and of course fish & chips from the beautifully named ‘Winking Willy’s’. Why not?

Scarborough Fishing boatNikon D700, 50mm


Mamiya 645 test

Light through treesTaken on Mamiya 645

I love how the instax photos came out, the camera really does work best in the sun, just look at those bold blues of the sky. Anyone thinking of getting one – I definitely recommend it for some fun, the photos are great to add to scrap books and people love them despite their imperfections.
Fuji Instax at the beach

Taken on FujiFilm Instax Wide

Onwards and upwards to the Yorkshire Dales on Monday, to spend a fabulous day roaming around the fields and village of Settle. Just before leaving we drove to top of the huge hill (I’d say almost ‘mountain’) and took in the scene around us. We made some firm friends with the sheep, who seemed very interested in my photo taking antics. Up here, I decided to try out a few TTL (through the lens) pictures using my beautiful Mamiya. There’s no better quality looking through the finder of this camera, its so surreal and perfect.

Through the lens Mamiya 645

Top of the Yorkshire Dales

View over Yorkshire DalesTaken on Nikon D700, 50mm

Lying in the grassLambs in the road

Taken on Mamiya 645

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