Take more. Print More.

This is a spontaneous and somewhat forceful blog post bought on by the delivery of some gorgeous fine art prints I had made for some of my lovely couples.

As soon as I unwrapped them I was close to tears – maybe I’m a big softy. Maybe. But holding something so tactile in your hand, holding a memory like that fills me with absolute joy. And of course pride too, I took these photos, I helped create them.

Our digital age has taken over and as a photographer that’s fab for me – but also it saddens me, we’re now in such a time that photos are rarely held, only looked at on screen.

So my message is simple and short:

Do you like a photo? Does it make you smile? Good. Print it. Put it up, carry it around with you, stick it on your fridge and let it make you smile EVERY. GOD. DAMN. DAY.

Because smiling is important and so are memories.

(especially if its a photo I took, then get it printed on lovely fine art paper too because that makes them shine even more)  xx

Fine art wedding prints

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KathrynJuly 4, 2014 - 9:41 pm

Yes. I so rarely print my photos! Such a joy. Thanks for reminding me to print occasionally! 🙂

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