The Best of the Rest…

I quite often concentrate my wedding posts and main images on the Bride & Groom, but a wedding isn’t just them, its all the friends and family that help and support them throughout their relationship and on the big day too.

So lets hear it for the best of the rest: those big smiles, the crazy dance moves, the Jenga athletes, the passionate kisses and of course … the half naked grooms party.

country side wedding

laughing wedding guests

Funny child

dance floor

Wedding guests

children dancing at wedding

Cheeky bum

children playing at sunset

Big smile

jumping wedding

cheeky flower girl

laughing wedding guests

Groom party

Laughing wedding guest

Jenga athletics



wedding tea

Wedding granmas

Lost veil in tree

outdoors wedding

Dance party

Vintage camera wedding

Dance moves

topless wedding


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