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Sunflower wedding bouquets Personally I bloomin’ love morning bridal prep photos. They’re the business. They complete the wedding story.

Some brides feel wary about them, which I completely understand – being photographed in the morning in your favourite jammies, before your face has even seen a make-up brush? I’d probably have a sharp intake of breath too.

And now, relax. Usually I won’t use or take photos of you without make – up, just whilst it’s being applied. Pre make-up is the perfect opportunity for me to get those wedding dress, shoes and detail shots you’ll have seen on my gallery, without the morning bridal prep time – I simply can’t get these shots. This is when you’ll see me sneaking round the place photographing these gorgeous details, so often brides don’t see me take these shots, so when they see the photos they’re like ‘Ohhhh wow, that’s where you took my shoes to’. Some people look at me like I’m a little crazy when I’m hanging shoes off light fittings, kitchen sinks and all manner of other things. But just smile and nod when you see me doing this. Because trust me, the photos work.

Wedding dress details

This is also a great chance for me to capture the morning emotions – the happiness, the nerves, the excitement between you and your bridesmaids and family. The best thing is to relax and let me capture you all naturally, yet creatively as the morning unfolds.

Bridal prep photos
To help your morning run smoothly and get the best from your bridal prep time and photos there are a few things you might want to consider, for some help I’ve asked the fabulous Sali Jones from Ms Moo Makeup to share some insider thoughts…

I’ve been working as a make-up artist for about the last 8 years since I moved to Nottingham and having a background in fashion photoshoots really gives me the edge for wedding day tips! When getting your hair and make-up done, you’ll want something loose fitting and comfortable. Unless your dress has shoulders you’ll also probably not want bra straps so I tend to advise clients to slip off their straps and not wear socks in the morning. Like any of you need an excuse for comfy slippers!? Dressing gowns are great, as are big button up shirts or pyjamas.

In prep for their make-up I’d always say in the weeks prior to wedding d-day to eat lots of fruit and veg, get plenty of water, moisturise and sleep. I really appreciate that this is easier said than done but making an effort to do them will improve your mood, your skin and your general health.

No one likes stress on a wedding morning and a lot of my testimonials reiterate how I’m a calming influence! So my other top tip for brides (sorry in advance, bridesmaids!) would be this; think about the word “bridesmaid”. Bride’s MAID.

Bride getting ready with bridesmaids

At the end of the day, you chose them to help you get married; for the weeks and months in preparation for the day AND on the day too! If you need your shoes getting out the wardrobe, a hand painting your nails or if you just NEED that top up of Bucks Fizz; ASK. That’s what they are there to do! You’re going to be on your feet all day, meeting, greeting, dancing, toasting etc. Take the opportunity while you can to sit down; don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand or a bloody big bear hug if you need it. When doing a client’s make-up, I noticed she’s started to get a bit fidgety and her hands were shaking. It wasn’t ideal when trying to do winged eyeliner, so I downed my brush and just took a hold of her hand. When she opened her eyes, I just looked at her and asked her if she was ok and to squeeze my hand as much as was needed! She was just starting to panic a little, but some calm words and deep breaths sorted her out. I won’t lie, a re-fill of her Bucks Fizz DID help too! Not too much but a little.
Bridal make up artist

Nearly everyone will tell you how quickly your wedding day will go, and I think bridal preparation photos are a lovely touch. Getting ready with your family and maybe some friends; those moments where you’re laughing about your hen party, or maybe the day your Mum or one of your bridesmaids got married. Capturing those moments on your wedding morning, with lots of smiles, hugs, belly laughs and maybe even a few little happy tears; I think it’s a lovely reminder to look back on for years to come, getting ready with those you love and who you’ve chosen to be a part of your big day.

bride getting ready



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